Customized Premium Drinkware

Skinny Acrylic


My stainless steel bottles are designed for active, busy people in mind.  Whether you're at the office, gym, yoga, work, car, boating, camping or sitting on the beach your cold drinks will stay ice cold.  On the flip side, your favorite hot beverage will stay piping hot on a brisk cold day too.  Coffee, tea, soup or whatever it is will stay hot! We use them in Florida and ice cubes were still in our 40 oz Eddy bottle left on our boat two days later! Choose your bottle style & color below, your tumbler will be customized with vinyl in your choice of color. Please feel free to contact me!

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1. Choose  your bottle

2.  Pick your  color

3. Add a design


Customize your bottle with your company's logo, team's logo/ jersey number, monogram or favorite expression.  Bottle prices shown are for single color vinyl.  Message or call me for custom designs and prices.



Thanks for checking out my website!  Message me with your tumbler order, design idea & questions.

THE ROADIE, 22 oz., $25.00.

Colors: carnation, fuschia, lemonade, lavender, mint, aqua, sea foam, light green (not pictured)

ANCHOR, 17 oz., $22.00.

Colors: carnation, matte black, fuschia, mint, aqua, white, midnight, black

POLAR, 20 oz., $25.00

Color: white, matte black

Minaret, 17 0z,  $22.00

Color: coral, mint, marble

Townie, 14, oz $15.00

Color:Black, White, Pearl,Lavender, Seafoam, Midnight Blue

Beer/Soda Can Cooler, $25.00 

Color: Chrome, Black

Bottle Keeper, $23.00

Available in Chrome or Black, comes with bottle opener

Skinny Acrylic Tumbler,16 oz, $15.00

Mint, Blue, Clear, Graphite, Ash, Purple

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